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Organizing a football party in the garden - 8 things to think about

A football party in the garden can be an atmospheric and unforgettable experience - provided you are well prepared.

Whether Champions League, DFB final, European championship or world championship - soccer fans get their money's worth quite a few years. Especially at the European Championship or the World Cup, the games are always very big. There is public viewing on every corner. However, the venues are often quite crowded. Often you have to wait a while for a beer, right and left push other football fans' elbows in the side and you can't really see anything - no wonder that for some such a public viewing event is nothing.

Instead of getting annoyed, just meet up with friends, colleagues and neighbors for a casual soccer party in the garden for the next game. So that this really becomes a successful festival, there are a few things to think about. I would like to explain to you in more detail what these are.

1. Playfield well in view for everyone

If you want to throw a football garden party, on the one hand you have to be able to offer enough space and on the other hand you have to make sure that every guest has a good view of the pitch. The small TV from the guest room is definitely not the best choice. Mobile screens such as those available at, including a projector, are best suited for such events. With a width of 2 meters and a height of 1.5 meters, the guests in the back row should also be able to follow the game well.

In order not to bear the costs alone, you could ask around in the neighborhood whether someone might want to participate. So you can swap the canvas with each other if necessary.

2. No party without decoration

Honestly, could you imagine a soccer party without flags, rattles and blows? Hardly or? They are just as much a part of it as the make-up pencil in black-red-gold for the World Cup or EM. The right decoration only really gets you in the mood. For every football party you should have ready:

  • Flag of the favorite club that can be swung at the goal
  • Rattles & blows to create mood
  • Hawaii chains as a decorative accessory
  • Pennant chains for the decoration all around
  • if you like: cups, napkins & plates for the cozy part of the evening

3. Provide sufficient seating

Most guests are probably under 18, so you should also have enough seats at your garden football party. So your friends and acquaintances don't have to stand all the time. In principle, you can only invite as many guests as you have seats.

Beer tent sets are a space-saving alternative to many chairs. These can often be borrowed from an event service on site. But they are often also in hardware stores, such as on offer. There you will find different versions in different sizes, so you can also choose smaller models. The investment is particularly worthwhile if you get a higher number of visitors more often.

4. Find a rain alternative

Unfortunately, you cannot order the right weather for the football game. So it can happen that it suddenly starts to rain. No reason to drop the party in the water. The party can be a complete success even in bad weather. You only need to think about an alternative well in advance. Would it be possible to take all the watchers into the house? Or do you have a larger roof shelter where you can accommodate all guests? If this is not the case, you can also set up a pavilion, such as that available at in various sizes. The pavilions are stable, waterproof and windproof. So you don't have to be afraid that it will fly off at the smallest gust and possibly cause damage to your neighbor.

If it doesn't rain, you didn't buy the pavilion for nothing. If the sun shines too strongly, it could happen that you hardly see anything on the screen. Then the pavilion serves as sun protection.

5. Provide food and drinks

Of course, every good party also includes something to eat and drink. With drinks, you should make sure that they are well chilled. If you don't have an excessive number of refrigerators, you can fill a bucket with cold water or ice cubes and cool the drinks in it. Cool boxes filled with ice cubes also offer an excellent cooling oasis. Also think of the drivers or those who do not want or are not allowed to drink alcohol. A refreshing fruit punch can provide some variety here.

»Cool gadget for beer drinkers: Hop Cave

In my circle of acquaintances, the beer was pulled out of the ground at the last game in Germany. The host has drawn everyone's attention with this cool gadget. I was amazed at how cool the beer was.

In addition to delicious drinks, the food should of course not be missing. Barbecuing is very popular at football parties. Depending on when you want to eat, one must always be at the grill. For such parties, I always prefer personal finger food. This can be prepared well in advance and saves stress during the soccer game. So that you don't have to stand alone in the kitchen for hours, you can also distribute the appetizers among your guests. It's much easier if everyone brings something with them.

6. Showcase the garden with lighting

When it's getting dim in the evening, it's time for mood lighting. That makes the whole thing a little more comfortable. Fairy lights, solar lamps or torches are best suited for the environment. You can place small tea lights on the tables.

7. Children

First of all, children are always full of euphoria - they definitely want to watch football with the grown-ups. But then they don't endure long on the chairs or benches, at least the younger ones. They want to pursue their urge to move. Take care of a small children's corner away from the football scene. For boys, a ball and a goal, which can also consist of two sticks in the lawn, is sufficient. This way they can emulate their great idols. Girls like to romp or paint in a quiet corner.

8. Note the volume

In most cases, the games end in good time before the statutory night's rest at 10 p.m. Sometimes this cannot be avoided by extra time and penalty shoot-outs. In this case, you should behave a little calmer. Or you can talk to your neighbors in advance that things can get a little louder. An agreement can often be found without having to call the police for a disturbance in the peace.