Tap Candle - 10 popular varieties presented

The steppe candle impresses with its high, colorful flower candles. There are more than 40 species of it. We present the 10 most popular among hobby gardeners here.

Fast growing, easy to care for and easy to flower, the tap candle conquers the heart of every hobby gardener. The plants belong to the Affodillaceae and occur in more than 40 species. Friedrich August Marschall von Bieberstein first described the steppe candle (Eremurus) in 1810. From June the plant impresses with its tall flower candles, which come in different colors. There are varieties that bloom in classic white, but you can also see impressive peach-colored or canary-yellow varieties in many gardens.

"By the way: A flower candle consists of several hundred small flowers.

Below we would like to give you a little insight into the different types and hybrids.

The top 10 steppe candle

1. Turkestan steppe candle

This variety is guaranteed not to be overlooked in the bed. In ideal locations, these steppe candles grow up to three meters in height. The perennial herbaceous plants need a place in the sun in the bed. There you should not restrict them so that the spreading plant can develop well. Between June and July, the Turkestan steppe candle delights the viewer with its delicate pink flowers. The original home of this species is in the Pamir Alai Mountains. There the Turkestan steppe candle populates stony mountain slopes. The plants grow at altitudes up to 1,800 meters.

2. Bungei steppe candle

This variety is cultivated particularly frequently in our latitudes. The root bulbs have a particularly pronounced starfish shape. The tubers are particularly fragile and should be planted carefully. The steppe candle Bungei grows up to 1.5 meters high. The flowers appearing between June and July come in the colors yellow and pink. When planting, ensure that the soil is rich in nutrients. There should be enough space for plant neighbors such as peonies or delphiniums.

" Tip: The steppe candle Bungei is a very good cut flower and is particularly good in floor vases.

3. Steppe candle Pinokkio

This variety grows to about a meter high. The strikingly large orange flowers provide a welcome splash of color in the bed. The flower candles appear particularly beautiful in combination with grasses. The plants need a sunny location and well drained substrate. As a cut flower, the Pinokkio steppe candle proves to be extremely durable.

4. Himalayan steppe candle

The large, pure white flowers appear on the stems growing up to 2.5 meters high in June. A particularly nice contrast arises in front of dark hedges or bushes. The plants are robust and well adapted to our climate. The natural home of the Himalayan candle is in northern Afghanistan, Pakistan and throughout the northwestern Himalayan region. There the steppe candle grows to altitudes of 3,600 meters.

5. Aitchison steppe candle

The steppe candle Aitchison already blooms in May. The plants can grow to heights of up to two meters. The pink flowers form a nice contrast to the deep green foliage. The plant's natural range is in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The plant can be found at altitudes of 3,000 meters in the highlands of the Fergana Mountains.

6. Bukhara steppe candle

With a growth height of up to one meter, the steppe candle Bukhara is a rather low growing species. The inflorescences reach a height of about 30 centimeters. The light pink flowers appear in June. The Bukhara steppe candle grows in northern Afghanistan on mountain slopes up to an altitude of around 1,500 meters.

7. Step candle Olga

The steppe candle Olga is characterized by its particularly attractive and dense inflorescences. The plant has bare stems. The spherical inflorescences grow up to one meter. Between June and July, pink flowers appear on the flower candles on a yellow background. In some cases, white flowering species also occur. Stony mountain slopes in northern Afghanistan and Iran are the natural home of this steppe candle. There you will find the plant at altitudes of 2,700 meters.

8. Sogdian steppe candle

The Sogdian steppe candle only grows about one meter in height. Rather unfavorable site conditions lead to lower growth. The stems have hair below. The leaves can also be hairy, but are also bald. The inflorescences are spherical and strikingly loose. The Sogdian steppe candle is already blooming in May. The plant originally comes from the steppes of Central Asia, where it occurs up to an altitude of 2,600 meters.

9. Merchant tap candle

The merchant tap candle rarely grows more than a meter in height. The plants have hairy leaves and hairy stems. The inflorescences appear particularly dense and reach a length of up to 40 centimeters. The white flowers have a yellow background and appear in June. The natural home of the merchant tap candle are gravel slopes in the Pamir-Alai Mountains. There the robust plant grows up to an altitude of 3,700 meters.

10. Handsome steppe candle

With a stature height of up to two meters, the handsome steppe candle is an impressive appearance. The dense inflorescences are about half a meter long. The pale yellow flowers have a wide white border. The handsome steppe candle was already cultivated around 1810. Use as an ornamental plant is rather rare. The plant is native to the Crimean peninsula, in Syria or Turkey.

A short portrait of the most beautiful varieties of steppe candles

Eremurus TypeSummary
Turkestan eremurus
  • imposing size, up to three meters
  • Bloom in June
  • delicate pink flowers
  • Requires sun space and a lot of space
Steppe candle Bungei
  • often cultivated variety
  • delicate tubers
  • yellow and pink flowers
  • Growth height 1.5 meters
Tapestry candle Pinokkio
  • strikingly large flowers
  • Height of growth 1 meter
  • orange flowers
  • good cut flower
Tapestry candle Himalayas
  • robust variety
  • large white flowers
  • Height of growth 2.5 meters
  • grows up to 3,600 meters
Steppe candle Aitchison
  • blooms in May
  • pink flowers
  • robust
  • Height of growth 2 meters
Step Candle Bukhara
  • Height of growth 1 meter
  • Bloom in June
  • delicate pink flowers
  • needs a lot of sun
Tap Candle Olga
  • dense flowers
  • Bloom in June
  • blooms pink and white
  • Height of growth 1 meter
Sogdian steppe candle
  • loose inflorescences
  • hairy stems
  • Flowering in May
  • Height of growth 1 meter
Merchant tap candle
  • hairy stems and leaves
  • dense inflorescences
  • Bloom in June
  • grows up to an altitude of 3,700 meters
Attractive steppe candle
  • dense inflorescences
  • pale yellow flowers
  • old variety
  • Flowering in May